There is a human behind every human being..…who has always wished and desired to do something for the needy not for name and fame but for personal satisfaction within own self…..the self which is never visible to others, not even family members, friends, kith and kin.This is exactly what gives an eternal peace, a great sleep, a sense of satisfaction of being custodian of values inherited over generations.

Your contribution and involvement will give us immense strength to transform the society. You can play any or all of these multifarious roles – advocacy, sponsor, volunteer and as a fund raiser; as per your convenience of time availability and strength.


We shall feel obliged and privileged if you can join in advocating and promoting our cause and spreading to the grass root level and in various forums where you work and interact. Your involvement will help us achieve large scale change directly or indirectly through influence at your level. You may like to garner media attention and influence policy changes by lobbying our activist events, culminating into transformation of ideological changes in the society for better. We draw our strength from you; hence you have a special place in our heart.


You as the privileged individual, group or organization can come forward to sponsor either the programme or project aimed towards attainment of the goal. You may like to contact us to know how best you can help us with the resources available to you. We assure that you shall be kept updated on the transparent and justified utilization of the resources, to feel deeply satisfied with the initiative taken by you to change the society for good.


We whole heartedly welcome our volunteers who are amazing epitome of selflessness and full of affection towards our beneficiaries. These larger than life personalities are the one who help us attain our vision and mission. Every one of you is a very special one for us. The moment you wish us to be part of us, feel free to contact us by e-mail or by registering as a volunteer, to let know how and where you can help us. Mail us or contact us on telephone given in CONTACT US to join as Volunteer.


Whatever we do for the needy does need the will, selfless devotion and very high level of motivation. However, its success fully depends on the resources, which is slave to fund without which any project or program is not possible. Hence, the fund raisers act as catalyst to bring in social, political, economic and ideological changes to transform into a society with place of respect for all humans and an earth worth breathing for all creatures. We feel indebted to our fund raisers who make our programs work across the nation.

You as a student, employee of an organization, a social activist or a responsible citizen of the nation can help us organize an event in your institution, organization or your society. You may also like to follow us on facebook, twitter or blog spot for updates on issues we are advocating and our events.

© Sunshine A Ray of Hope