Sun Shine – A Ray of Hope (SSROH) believes in financial concern and priorities. True to our core values, SSROH utilizes the donations with utmost care and transparency on program and services with bare minimum expenditure on management and general purposes. Our independently audited financial statements consistently show that nine out of every ten Indian Rupees we spend goes to programs and services, i.e., use 90% of fund on program services, 6 % on fund raising and 4% on management and general expense.


We extend our sincere gratitude to our young donors in form of children who have shared their pocket money or allowance for the humanitarian assistance. These young donors are fortunate enough to have got pocket money for their expenses over and above their necessity been taken care of by their parents and family. We appreciate their large heartedness and their belief in sharing with those who not only deprived of pocket money, but are underprivileged to have received basic necessity of shelter, food, clothes, education, health care, etc.


God and our parents have blessed with the fortune of staying in good house, eat good food, get educated from good school and colleges, enjoy holidays at exotic locales, enjoy luxuries, etc. You will agree that your small contribution to the scale of one tenth to one hundredth of your pay will certainly not deprive you of much, but will certainly mean a lot to the needy and underprivileged. It shall change their life beyond imagination.


You may be like Seven Stars of the sky to spread spiritual energy bestowed upon you by the god. You can sponsor any or all of our seven projects and programmes coined to achieve the goals set for own self. You as sponsor will be like sun shine giving a ray of hope to beneficiaries on all seven days of the week. You may choose the projects from ‘What We Do’ drop down box of menu.


A memorial donation is a fitting tribute to honour your special person. This tribute shall help SSROH conduct wide range of programme to bring a smile on their face. With your memorial donation of ` 5000 or more, SSROH will include a personalized Gift Card to be sent to the person or the family of the person in whose name the donation was made. All benefactors can trust that their donations are safe and secure.


Not necessary that you can contribute through cash only. You may be part of us by giving gifts in-kind, like toys, clothes, books, food items, nutrition food supplements, stationary, safe drinking water, medicines, computers, TV, audio and video system, wheel chairs for handicaps, etc.


With as little as 500 a month, you can join as the Partners of SSROH to help us conduct a wide range of programs whenever and wherever needed. Your monthly donation will support our initiatives to give a ray of hope to the beneficiaries. It is absolutely you who will decide how much to give — monthly, quarterly or annually. After you make your first donation, future gifts will be automatically deducted according to the giving cycle you choose. You shall have the privilege to continue or stop the ‘Giving’ at the point and time of your choice, with adequate notice to us to react.


Kindness is like clay which can be made to take the form of own choice. Similarly, ‘Giving’ can be of any form, at any time and for any purpose you choose for. We assure that your sentiment takes the shape you have wished like. Kindness has no size or dimension. We are absolutely open to your magnanimity and imagination. Your small help is like a drop of rain which has the potential to make an ocean at one stage. We welcome your innovative idea to help the needy. Please contact us to help you decide as to how you can help us.

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