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Genesis of Project Samriddhi

On Labour Day, 01 May 2011 Project Samriddhi was launched by Sun Shine – A Ray of Hope (SSROH) to help the unemployed youths from the families below poverty line in obtaining employment for self sustenance and self dependency to uplift their social status. Men and women of all age groups from poor family with no source of income were made aware with various government and non-government employment schemes and avenues. They were also groomed to instill the basic skills enabling them to partake in India’s economic growth.

Aim of Project Samriddhi

Project Samriddhi aims to achieve our Goal 1 (eradicate poverty and hunger), Goal 3 (promote gender equality and empower women), Goal 6 (work for environment sustainability) and Goal 7 (global partner in development of the society).

Programs Under Project Samriddhi

Since the conception of Project Samriddhi, the following sixprograms have been undertaken nation-wide to benefit 186 persons directly and 1860 persons indirectly.:-

Ser No













Train and employ poor youths with Security Agencies of national repute

Pune, Mumbai Solapur and Kolhapur



01 May 11

06 May 11




Financial Assistance to Poor to Establish Borewell to Irrigate Barren Land


Uttar Pradesh


05 May 11

 25 May 11




Employing Village Youths in Dairy Farming


Uttar Pradesh


05 May 11





Grooming and Employment with Retail Industries

Pune, Delhi




15 Aug 11

09 Sep 11




Awareness on MNREGA in Villages Wanewadi and Murum on behalf of Min of Labour and Min of Rural Development

Taluk Baramati


02 days

04 Nov 11

05 Nov 11




Awareness on MNREGA in village Vazeghar Pimpri on behalf of Min of Labour and Min of Rural Development

Taluk Velha


02 days

26 Nov 11

27 Nov 11



    Total Beneficiaries




SAMRIDDHI - 1 : Train and Employ Poor Youths with Security Agencies of National Repute, 01 May - 06 May 2011

SSROH took the initiative to identify poor youths from extremely poor background and low education level; trained them in special skills required by Security Agencies and assisted them in getting employed with Security Agencies of national repute and good track record. So far 25 youths have been placed to eradicate them out of poverty and hunger. Few of them have also been employed to computer related and accounts related jobs.


SAMRIDDHI - 2 : Financial Assistance to Poor to Establish Borewell to Irrigate Barren Land, 05 May - 25 May 2011

SSROH took an initiative to help a group of ten families with 85 members in total to provide wherewithal to establish borewell and ancillary stores to irrigate land which had no source of water. The assistance provided has helped grow yield in the land which were lying barren for years. SSROH went ahead with helping them procure hybrid seeds and manures at very reasonable rates from government agencies.


SAMRIDDHI - 3 : Employing Village Youths in Dairy Farming, 05 May 2011

SSROH having inspired by ‘Operation Flood’ a rural development programme started by National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) of India in 1970. Program launched on 15 May 2011 focused on eleven (11) small / marginal farmers and landless labourers of Allahabad district, Uttar Pradesh as its main beneficiaries to provide employment throughout the year, and thereby eradicate poverty and hunger (Goal 1). These unemployed village youths ferried the milk of village to utilize leisure time, help alleviate poverty and reduce malpractices by milk traders and merchants and above all alleviate wastage of milk produce of their village. SSROH also educated dairy farmers of the area on bank schemes, technical feasibility and economic viability;

sanction of bank loan and its disbursement; and lending terms. It also imparts awareness on common management practices recommended for dairy to include housing, selection of animal, feeding of milch animals, milking of animals, protection against diseases, breeding care, marketing of milk, care of calves, etc. The project aims to unite village youths to establish dairies for self sustenance by increased production, procurement and direct marketing of milk and its products. More than promotion of dairy programme, the SSROH sees it as an instrument of development, generating employment and regular incomes of rural people especially youths.


SAMRIDDHI - 4 : Grooming and Employment with Retail Industries, 15 Aug – 09 Sep 11

Through this program, the students are trained in soft skills necessary to compete for employment including definition of career objectives, interview and resume-writing techniques, basic interpersonal skills and information technology orientation. SSROH with its partnership with retail corporate houses has helped at least 14 youths from poor background to get employed as per their qualification across the country, thereby providing income to poor families.


SAMRIDDHI - 5 : Awareness on MNREGA at Villages Wanewadi and Murum, Taluk Baramati (Maharashtra) on Behalf

of Min of Labour and Employment, 04 - 05 Nov 2011

India with rural base is lagging behind mainly due to unemployment, leading to psychological, social, economic and physiological problems like depression, stress, crimes, poverty, never ending loan, malnutrition, etc. Government of India having realized the problem to its core, had launched employment guarantee program its MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) in rural areas. SSROH has come forward to take the program to villages, especially remote and very poor villages in various parts of the country. The awareness seminar was organized for 80 unemployed villagers from Wanewadi and Murum Panchayat of Baramati Taluk, approximately 90 km from Pune, on 04 – 05 Nov 2011. It was organized by SSROH, on behalf of Central Board for Workers Education (CBWE), Min of Labour and Employment, Government of India. The seminar was graced by Dr Arvind Kumar Drave, Director CBWE, Mr Avinash Upadhyay, Regional Director Pune Region of CBWE with his team of Education Officers and representatives of BDO of the area.


SAMRIDDHI - 6 : Awareness on MNREGA at Village Vazeghar Pimpri, Taluk Velha (Maharashtra) on Behalf of Min

of Labour and Employment, 26-27 Nov 2011

SSROH organized a two day special seminar on 26 - 27 Nov 2011 for 40 unemployed villagers of a very remote and poor village Vazeghar Pimpri in Taluk Velha. The village is located in the foothills of Rajgad Fort, approximately 79 kms from Pune. The villagers were made aware about Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA) in rural areas. Some of the villagers though were in possession of Job Card, but had numerous querries including reduced scale of payment made by the Engineer, contrary to what was being conveyed to them. The same was noted by representative of Central Board for Workers Education (CBWE), Min of Labour and Employment, Government of India. The seminar was graced by Mr Avinash Upadhyay, Regional Director Pune Region of CBWE.

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