‘Sun Shine – A Ray of Hope’ (SSROH) The culture of SSROH identical to rich Indian heritage, breathes for humility and respect to all. At SSROH, our work culture and ethos to bring in ideological changes, finds its foundation in its deep rooted values. The rich custom and tradition inherited by us are the backbone of the deep core values under influence of which we work, grow and prosper. The team at SSROH draws immense positive energy, enthusiasm in life and the deep desire to contribute for the development and prosperity of the society from the CORE VALUES. SSROH is fuelled by six core values that are central to its identity that keeps us united and going.

1. Service beyond self.

2. Maintain vision and attain mission.

3. Cooperation beyond Borders.

4. Responsibility and Accountability.

5. Truthfulness and Transparency.

6. Voluntarism.


SSROH on the whole has been conceived and come into existence to serve others. We integrate self-development and individual concerns with public concerns with focus on higher, broader, and more public levels of service. The activities are conducted for the sake of others, whether the public at large or a particular segment of the public.

We genuinely practice ‘Giving’ with a concern for the welfare of others without the goal of own enhancement or profit. Alongside we respect endowment of fundamental human rights on each person.

We recognize and appreciate that each human is born free and equal in dignity and rights. We are equally sensitive to the moral values, religion, customs, traditions, and cultures of the communities we serve. SSROH respects right of freedom of thought, conscience and religion.


SSROH not only sees the reality of the world as it is, but also envision the world as it should be. We shall maintain our founding spirit and passion, keeping the tangible dreams of vision and mission, while learning from their victories and failures.

SSROH shall see issues, needs and circumstances of all sides in any conflict situation, without prejudice. To maintain its integrity as an NGO, SSROH will remain organized and operate as a not-for-profit organization, with any surplus generated through its operations to be utilized solely to help the organization fulfill its mission and objectives.


SSROH shares the responsibility to address the serious challenges confronting humanity. Significant progress towards peace and well-being can be fostered through inter-religious, inter-cultural, and inter-racial work; and across the artificial barriers of politics, race and ethnicity that tend to separate people and their institutions.

SSROH shall maintain ethical and cooperative relationships with other NGOs and shall partner with organizations and individuals that share common values and objectives for the sake of the greater public good.


SSROH feels entrusted with the responsibility and accountability to the public. We take ownership of the task at hand, actions and decisions in taking the initiative and proactively pulling together resources of all types in order to find and implement feasible solutions for the community we serve alongwith funding agencies, government, staff and volunteers, members and partner organizations.

Our practitioners demonstrate ownership of our NGO and are accountable for the execution and outcomes of our stated and expected goals to strive for excellence in the work.


SSROH shall be truthful and transparent in dealings with its donors, project beneficiaries, staff, members, partner organizations, government, and the general public. We feel open and accessible to public scrutiny with an exception to protect human rights, personal matters and proprietary information. Any information given out shall be accurate, whether regarding itself and its projects, or regarding any individual, organization, project, or legislation it opposes or is discussing. We strongly oppose and condemn corruption, bribery and other financial improprieties or illegalities.

SSROH with the spirit of public mindedness will not misuse public money for selfish purposes and all public assets will be treated with utmost seriousness, as a sacred public trust.


SSROH has come to existence by private initiative resulting from the voluntary actions of individuals who have chosen to pursue a shared interest of concern, rather than existence by law. The retention of voluntary values and principles shall remain the guiding force in the functioning of SSROH. We also believe in absolute voluntarism, with no place to the popular concept of ‘HIRE and FIRE’.

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