‘Sun Shine – A Ray of Hope’ with an acronym ‘SSROH’ was registered as a Non Governmental Organization under Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860 on 05 April 2011 with a mandate to work anywhere in India, with our registered office at Delhi and branch offices in five states.


SSROH has been conceived on the ethics of ‘Giving’ to serve others by integrating self-development and individual concerns with public concerns; address the serious challenges confronting humanity with equal respect to right of freedom of thought, conscience and religion. We consider being responsible and accountable to the community we serve by keeping the vision, mission and goals tangible in pursuit to excellence.

SSROH, a private initiative from the voluntary actions of individuals chosen to pursue a shared interest of concern rather than existence by law, retains the voluntary values and principles; truthfulness and transparency in dealings as its guiding force in the functioning.

SSROH prays the God to let the sun shine on all and give a ray of hope beyond the borders.


Humility and respect for all.


Create a society full of humility and respect; free of hunger, poverty, disease, illiteracy, and suffering.


‘Sun Shine – A Ray of Hope’ (SSROH) is committed to bring in ideological, social, political and economic changes to transform into a society with place of respect for old aged citizens, women, children and an environment for youths to grow and contribute selflessly with no place for division in the name of race, religion and gender. We are of the belief that once ideological changes are brought about in the society, it will lead to social and political changes, which finally brings in economic changes to make the society and the nation stronger and happy.


The logo has six persons – an old couple and a young couple with a girl and boy child depicting every segment of the society; all standing on the grass depicts their connectivity to their roots of culture and tradition to inculcate sense of humility and respect for all; the vibrant orange round behind depicts the sun of dawn which gives utter happiness and hope to all to work tirelessly throughout the day for progress and prosperity; the acronym SSROH written in semi circle above the sun depicts the rays of sun shine falling on every life. Hence, sun shine giving a ray of hope to all for eternal happiness. Both the logo and the name have been registered as Trademark of ‘Sun Shine – A Ray of Hope (SSROH)’.


Funding for accomplishment of mission through projects comes largely from private sources, including individuals, corporations and foundations. The remainder comes from governments and multilateral agencies. In addition to cash contributions, SSROH accepts gifts-in-kind, typically in the form of food commodities, medicine, clothing, computer, etc. We work on the principle of ‘Everyone is capable given a chance; let’s give at least one chance to change the world for the good’.


SSROH feels privileged and obliged for having been granted Income Tax exemption under section 12A and 80G (tax rebate to donors on their donations made to the SSROH) by the Director of Income Tax (Exemption), Delhi.

© Sunshine A Ray of Hope